Will Smith & Casey Neistat borrow his songs for vlogs. US pop star Pharrell Williams and Dutch DJ Martin Garrix popped him on their playlists. And Swedish vlogger PewDiePie often has his music playing during gaming clips. While the last one may sound like a rejected cartoon character, PewDiePie’s endorsement to his 95 million subscribers results in a hell of lot of people checking out your music. Thanks to these big name fans, Perth’s Tim Arnott is closing in on 40 million streams across DSPs, and syncs with American Eagle, Ripcurl, HBO and Netflix for the handful of electronic songs released under his Ukiyo moniker. The 22 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer produces electronic music that blends across hip-hop, EDM and classical motifs that create an atmosphere that’ll take you anywhere from a road trip to the dance floor.

Agent: Guven Yilmaz (Vita Artists)