A producer who has made a few interesting life choices when it comes to his career. Starting out as an aerospace engineer, music gradually became more than a past-time and eventually an obsession. After finding himself completely alone on an internship in Kurashiki, Japan, Ryan Chadwick returned to the States, he moved into a neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown Cincinnati known as "Over-the-Rhine" or OTR. The once-neglected area had undergone a renaissance that mirrored his own journey of discovery as music went from hobby to career goal, so it became the ideal name for his project. Each record shows traces of his past, where every beat is perfectly measured and every added melody is mathematically placed with absolute accuracy to ensure maximum impact. Like an equation that must be solved. His songs push and pull, then ultimately tackle you with soaring synths, off the Richter scale bass lines, and overall strut. We’re confident with just one push of the play button, you will become an instant devotee.

Label: Astralwerks / Capitol Records

Agent: Paul Gongware (WME)