Mike Kota


Mike Kota is a 21-year-old songwriter, musician and visual artist from Minnesota. As a self-taught guitarist knowing little theory, she comes from and aims for a reflective, learning, loving, and forgiving perspective. Her sound suspends the listener within a lucid dream. It’s hazy and vivid; it’s dusk and first light. Haunting and luring, the music and lyrics are based on her experiences with and within the world. MIke’s self-produced and written debut single, "Wasted Time” only teases what’s to come throughout the next year. Spending her time in and out of forests, to write, practice and listen, Mike is working hard to finish her debut EP before the end of the year. Mike expresses, “In art, I face myself. and in my reflection, I see you. and that is why we can relate and why my art is yours, too.”