Hazey Eyes


His soul comes alive on the dancefloor. Ascribed as “emotional dance music,” Hazey Eyes calls upon the throbbing heartache of the early ‘00s alt-rock epoch while splicing it with shimmering indie and electronica aesthetics. He pulls on those strings once again for his new EP, Love Lost, an effervescent elixir of gluey hip-hop and mood-based pop-art. Only 22 years old, mastermind Thomas Michel has cultivated 76 million streams on Spotify, so, it’s no surprise he’s landed touring gigs with Shallou and Petit Biscuit. What is most impressive is Michel’s fearlessness in the studio. He’s a craftsmen of the highest order, and even as his life is on the edge of glory, he remains grounded and honest with himself. The EP reflects his continuing journey into the next stage of his life. “This EP is about changes. Personally, I'm about to finish college and move to a new city for music which is a wild concept that I'm still coming to terms with,” he says. “This project is about how I got here and where I hope to go. I've learned to do only what actually makes me happy and not what people expect of me.” To say he’s reached a new apex of his craft is an understatement. His third EP is a grand gesture of raw, unfiltered human emotion, and you’d be hard pressed to find EDM with more potency.